Stanford Medicine Describes How COVID-19 Spreads and How It Can Be Stopped
March 26, 2020 No Comments Tech Life Tim Thomas

This short animated video demonstrates how to stop the infection’spread. As SARS Cov-2 rapidly spreads around the world causing lots of victims and putting entire regions under lockdown, the virus is still misunderstood regardless of making news headlines every day. Fortunately Stanford Medication made this video to discuss how the infection is spread out and how we can stop it. Everything starts with a simple handshake. The hand shaker then gets on an airplane and touches his face. From that one aircraft, it then spreads to more airplanes circumnavigating the world. It continues to be sent through things contaminated individuals touch, from a mother to her kid, from that son to his buddies and so forward. Whole cities are infected and the news starts to spread out. It sends out people into a panic as they hurry to purchase all the groceries, masks and hand

sanitizers they can. That’s where the measures can be found in to stop the infection’spread. Public outings are forbidden. Individuals are isolated in their homes.

Social distancing is practiced. Working from home is implemented. The infected are looked after in medical facilities. Hands are cleaned completely and surface areas are disinfected. Slowly the virus runs its course and the world goes back to typical

. Help stop the spread, follow the steps implemented by your federal government. Stay at home and stay safe. We are all in this together.

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