SpaceX Introducing Advanced GPS Satellite via Falcon 9 for United States Area Force
June 30, 2020 No Comments Tech Life Tim Thomas

SpaceX’s next Falcon 9 launch is set up for today, with a 60% chance of favorable weather report for the afternoon launch of a novel GPS satellite for the U.S. military, according to a SpaceX tweet. With this launch, SpaceX will shoot for its 3rd launch given that the historical launch of NASA astronauts to the International Space Station through Team Dragon on May 30– the first crewed objective released from U.S. soil in almost a years. This is also the first time the company will attempt to land a rocket after releasing a military satellite


SpaceX on 11th 2020 launch, nearing company record

The objective to raise a brand-new U.S. Area Force satellite into orbit is SpaceX’s 11th launch of 2020. Surging forward with this year’s lightspeed rate of launches will assist Elon Musk’s commercial space start-up set a new company record for the most launches in one year.

SpaceX released another military GPS satellite in 2018, when the U.S. Air Force said the business couldn’t effectively accomplish the needed flight trajectory and likewise land the first-stage booster, reports SpaceNews. SpaceX Starlink Satellites deployed from Falcon 9 Since then SpaceX and the U.S. armed force have reached a restored agreement concerning GPS mission requirements and the cost of launch– which will permit SpaceX to attempt to land its very first phase after lifting the satellite on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s launch window from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station opens at 3:55 PM EDT. With a 60% possibility of favorable weather condition, things are searching for.

This is establishing news about a Falcon 9 launch of a U.S. Space Force satellite, so be sure to return here for the latest advancements.

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