Quasar Tsunamis Turning Their Own Galaxies to Smithereens
March 25, 2020 No Comments Tech Life Tim Thomas

Almost every galaxy in the Universe has a supermassive great void in its center, which swallows up immense quantities of matter while blurting big amounts of radiation. A few of the greatest of these are called quasars. These are a few of the most energetic things in our whole Universe.

A team of NASA scientists has observed the most energetic outflows ever to be seen in our Universe through the Hubble Space Telescope. These

originated from quasars that tear throughout Space like tsunamis– for this reason why they are often described as”tsunami quasars.“Their findings were released in a series of six papers in the Astrophysical Journal Supplements this March.SEE LIKEWISE: FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, MOLECULAR OXYGEN WAS SPOTTED OUTSIDE THE GALAXY

13 quasar outflows

A quasar is an amazing sight, able to shine a thousand times brighter than a galaxy of 100 billion stars. Although this might be an amazing sight to behold, the NASA scientists mention that this really exact same radiation is

what places quasars on our map as what may be ravaging the galaxies that host them. Observing 13 quasar outflows– gusts of high-speed radiation– over a variety of years made it possible for the group to discover that the wind and gas pushing out of a quasar can travel at speeds of more than 64 million kph (40 million miles per hour), and reach billions of degrees in temperature level.

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