Engineer Builds a Strange “”Floating Table” “Held up by Strings Only
March 25, 2020 No Comments Tech Life Tim Thomas

Is it real? Is it fake? In fact,

it is simply engineering. Today, The Action Lab brings you an experiment you may have done during your high school science classes. This little bug is enjoyable to watch and carry out which makes for a truly interesting and amusing video.

Before you see, we must alert you! The visuals have fun with your mind in a very cool way and make you question your sight a tiny bit. Fortunately, he is an engineer, not a magician, and this is not magic, it is just science. The science of the tensegrity structures, to be exact.

The string-table kind of reminds us of a piece of jiggly jello, and while this might sound insane, it truly imitates one when you enjoy it with jello in mind. It might be that we are simply starving, obviously; however, we genuinely believe that we are onto something here.

Also, do not such experiments with The Action Lab-man behind the cam make you wish you had him as your high school instructor?

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