Amazon Prime Video gets profiles at last, no more seeing your kids’ shows in recommended
March 23, 2020 No Comments Tech Life Peter Parker

One of the our biggest bugbears when it comes to Prime Video looks to have finally been addressed. Amazon has added the ability to set up profiles for different family members and/or users.

Up to six profiles can be added on one Amazon account, with one being the primary account holder and up to five additional profiles for other adults or kids.

As with several rival services, including Netflix and Disney+, each Prime Video profile will show personalised recommendations, search history and watch list. You will no longer find your homescreen dotted with shows and movies other members of the family have watched. And, you’re less likely to be inundated with recommendations of pre-school cartoons – unless you like such things, of course.

Kids profiles can also be parentally locked to show content that is age appropriate – with a maturity rating of 12 and under.

Prime Video Profiles are currently restricted to “selected countries only”. That seems to include the US and India, but not the UK as yet. We’ve asked Amazon for more information and will update when we find out.

In addition, only select devices currently support Prime Video Profiles:

  • Android and iOS phones and tablets
  • Web browsers
  • Fire tablets (Gen 10 and above Fire tablets will have profiles)
  • Living room devices (Prime Video app on Apple TV Gen 2 & 3, Chromecast)
  • Prime Video app on Fire TV (only in India at present)

These devices do not currently support profiles:

  • Fire TV home screen experience
  • Alexa devices with a screen
  • Living room devices (except Chromecast, Apple TV Gen 2 & 3 models)
  • Fire Tablet Gen 9 tablets and below

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