8 Karens and Kens who threw big tantrums instead of placing on masks
June 29, 2020 No Comments Tech Life Lisa Lawson

Can you think about anything more bothersome or uneasy than briefly wearing a mask for the couple of minutes it takes you to purchase food in a supermarket?

I, for one, can not. Just joking! Of course you can. Wearing a mask is SO. DAMN. EASY. Sure, it may not be the most enjoyable thing on the planet, but the potential effects of not using one– such as falling badly ill, being placed on a ventilator, or contaminating other people with a potentially deadly virus– trump your minor discomfort.

Masks assist avoid the spread of COVID-19, yet some individuals out there still refuse to use them in public. Not just do a few of these grown adults decline to put masks

on their faces, but they also make a big stink about it and throw humiliating temper tantrums in stores. When those temper tantrums are taped and posted on social networks, they’ll sometimes go viral, which is why our running list of”Karens”and “Kens”(white women and men who get meme ‘d for their ridiculously problematic habits)is growing so long. Kens and Karens are typically called out for being overtly racist, like the female who called the cops on a Black bird watcher in Central Park earlier this month. But as states start to resume and put added coronavirus precaution into location, a brand-new type of bothersome human has emerged: People who simply truly don’t wish to wear masks. Here are 8 males and females who have actually recently gone viral for strongly refusing to wear masks in public. 1. Karen from Trader Joe’s A female shopping at a Trader Joe’s in North Hollywood, California, was< a href="https://nypost.com/2020/06/27/trader-joes-karen-goes-berserk-after-being-asked-to-wear-face-mask/

” target =”_ blank “> just recently captured on video camera shouting at shop staff members that asked her to wear a mask. She declared she had”a medical breathing condition”and her doctor would not let her use a mask, but as staff members continued to challenge her she could be heard shouting curs and calling them” Democratic pigs.” She tossed her cart to the ground and ultimately stormed out of the shop. 2. Coughing Karen Earlier this month, a woman called Allison Goodbaum shared an uncomfortable experience she had with a fellow consumer at a bagel store in New York

. Goodbaum described that after observing the lady next to her wasn’t wearing a mask she brought it to the attention of a bagel store worker. The mask-less female overheard Goodbaum’s words of issue, started yelling, and even came by to cough on Goodbaum to spread her germs. An onlooker caught the outburst on cam, and Goodbaum shared it on Facebook. 3. Karen throwing food Another grocery store meltdown occurred at a Fiesta Market in Dallas, Texas. After this Karen was reportedly asked to put on a mask, she started yelling and tossing food from her cart onto the floor. Very mature! 4. This Ken who charged a Walmart staff member After this guy was asked to put on a mask prior to

going into a Walmart shop in Florida, he

can be seen charging and shoving the store employee. The mask-less male neglects requests to leaveor stick to store policy, and rather runs down the aisles while attempting to dodge staff members. 5. Pier 1 Karen Another Karen was

identified without a mask at a Pier 1 shop in Jacksonville, Florida. Footage caught and shared online by Heather Sprague– a cancer client and mom of 10– reveals the woman becoming defensive after being asked about her absence of mask. In the video, the female can be seen holding up her middle fingers prior to approaching Sprague to cough directly on her. 6. Gas station Karen Twitter user @Jillcattt recently shared video of an upset white woman majorly disrespecting a filling station worker.” She spit on an essential employee bc he imposed the guideline of wear a mask. In response, she spit on him … I wished to sob,”the tweet read. I have actually been finding out about “Karen” but had not been around one. I experienced one in the wild tonight and it blew my mind. She spit on an essential worker bc he enforced the rule of wear a mask. In reaction, she spit on him in. I wished to sob pic.twitter.com/WxKMgvJvEp

— Jillcattt (@Jillcattt)

June 28, 2020 7.”Let me speak with the supervisor”Karen A Karen named Shelley Lewis taped herself going off about being asked to use a mask before shopping in a Gelson’s Market in Dana Point, California. After having a confrontation with an employee outside the store, Lewis asked to consult with the shop’s manager. (Traditional Karen move.) When the manager confirmed Lewis would not be allowed to shop without a mask she continued to argue and continued to request corporate’s number.

Though Lewis has reportedly taken her video down, it’s been shared online by others, including the Karen Strikes Again Twitter account. 8. Starbucks Karen A woman named Amber Lynn Gilles madly published to Facebook about a barista at a Starbucks in San Diego, California, who insisted she use a face mask before getting in the facility. She threatened to call the police officers on the barista the next time she went to the coffeeshop, but her Karen move wound up majorly backfiring for her.

As Mashable reported, a guy named Matt Cowan began a GoFundMe page to raise cash for Lenin Gutierrez, the barista that Cowan threatened. The GoFundMe has raised more than $ 93,000 so far, and Gutierrez has posted a video thanking individuals for their love and assistance, and shared his side of the story.

8 Karens and Kens who threw huge tantrums instead of putting on masks

Just believe: All that any of these people were being asked to do was to loop two straps over their ears and breath with a little piece of material in front of their nose and mouth for a brief while. Rather than complying with that extremely little ask, they picked to trigger these giant, amazingly mortifying scenes rather.

Please don’t be a Karen or a Ken. Stop being selfish and just use your damn mask in public, individuals.

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