The High Seas are Open Source
March 2, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

Among the biggest issues of owning an older boat(besides being a cash pit– that is common to all boats no matter age)is the lack of parts and equipment, and the absence of assistance for those parts if you can find them at all. Like most things, this is an area that can benefit considerably from some open source services, which the Open Boat Projects in Germany has actually had the ability to show. ( Google Translate from German)

This group has solutions for devices problems of all kinds for basically any sized boat. At their most recent expo, many people were interested in open source solutions for circumstances where there is currently only a pricey proprietary choice, such as assistance for numerous plotting devices. This isn’t the only part of this project, however. It includes many different projects, like their solutions for auto-pilot and navigation. There are even complete hardware packages readily available, all completely documented.

Open source services for big, expensive things like this are frequently rare for a variety of reasons. There are restricted options for other modes of open source transport too, as it seems like a lot of large companies are not ready to quit their secrets easily. Communities like this, however, offer us hope that individuals will have other options for repairing their automobiles without having to shell out excessive cash.

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