The Obstacles Of Keeping Track Of Water Streams And Surviving Nature
June 30, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

Little waterways provide life in the kind of drinking and irrigation water, however can also be really harmful when flooding occurs. In the US, tracking of these waterways is done by mainly by the USGS, with precise however pricey monitoring stations. This indicates that there is a limitation to how many keeping an eye on stations can be released. In an effort to come up with a more affordable tracking service, [Rohan Menon] and [Ian Vernooy] created Aquametric, a simple water level, temperature and conductivity measuring station

. The gadget is constructed around a Particle Electron that features a STM32 microcontroller and a 3G modem. A vehicle ultrasonic sensors steps water level, a thermistor determines temperature and a set of parallel aluminum plates are utilized to measure conductivity. All the information from the model is output to a live control panel. The greatest difficulties for the system featured field release.

The great outdoors can be rather unflinching with our concepts and electronic gadgets. [Rohan] and [Ian] did some tests with LoRa, however quickly discovered that the terrain severely limited the reliable variety. Power was another challenge, very first screening with a photovoltaic panel and lithium battery. This showed unreliable specifically at temperature levels near freezing, so they decided to use 18 AA batteries instead and optimized power usage.

The mounting system is still a continuous challenge. A metal pole driven into the riverbed at a larger part wound up bent (most likely from ice sheets) and covered in debris to the point that it affected water level readings. They then transferred to a narrower and shallower section in the hopes of avoiding particles, however the rocky bottom avoided them from successfully driving in a pole. So the installed the pole on a steel plate which was then package with rock to keep it in location. This too stopped working when it toppled from increasing water levels, submerging the entire sensor unit. Remarkably it made it through with just a little wetness getting inside.

For the 2020 Hackaday Prize, Field All set and Conservation X Labs have actually provided obstacles that need require some mindful factor to consider and screening to construct things that can make it through the real world. So go forth and hack!

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