Run Java On An Amiga
January 14, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

In the contemporary world, we take particular tools for granted. Top-level shows languages such as C or Python have not been around that long in the grand plan of things, and Java has actually just existed because the ’90s. Getting these tools dealing with makers that predate them is more of a difficulty than anything, and [Michael Kohn] was more than ready to tackle this one. He recently got Java operating on a Commodore Amiga.

The Amgia precedes Java itself by almost a decade, so this process wasn’t exactly simple. The platform has a variety of coprocessors that were unique for their time but aren’t as prevalent now, looking after such tasks such as graphics, noise, and memory handling. Any psoftware working on the Amiga requires to be in a specially formatted program as well, so that required to be taken care of, even filling Java on the computer in the very first location took some unique work utilizing a null modem cable television instead of the floppy an Amiga would have used back in the day.

Packing Java on an antique Amiga is definitely a badge of honor, but [Michael] isn’t a complete stranger to Java and the Motorola 68000s found in Amigas. There’s a 68000 in the Sega Genesis too, and we’ve seen how [Michael] had the ability to run Java on that too.

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