Quadcopter With Stereo Vision
June 30, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

Flying a quadcopter or other drone can be quite exciting, particularly when utilizing the video signal to do the flying. It’s almost like a real-life computer game or flight simulator in a way, except the aircraft is physically real. To bring this experience even better to the reality of flying, [Kevin]https://hackaday.io/project/172343-the-funkyfollow-intelligent-cloud-based-drone” target=”_blank”> implemented stereo vision on his quadcopter which likewise includes an impressive amount of functionality to his drone.

While he does not utilize this specific setup for drone racing or virtual truth, there are some other intriguing things that [Kevin] has the ability to finish with it. The cams, both ESP32 video camera modules, can use their combined stereo vision ability to identify distances to items. By leveraging cloud computing services from Amazon to unload some of the processing demands, the quadcopter is able to recognize faces and keep the drone flying at a repaired distance from that face without requiring power-hungry computing onboard.

There are a lot of other capabilities that this drone unlocks by unloading its resource-hungry tasks to the cloud. It can be flown by utilizing a smart device or tablet, and has its own web client where its user can observe the facial recognition being carried out. Most likely it would not be too hard to utilize this drone for other tasks where having stereoscopic vision is a requirement.

Thanks to [Ilya Mikhelson], a teacher at Northwestern University, for this pointer about a student’s project.

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