Microbatteries On The Grid
March 28, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

Not everybody has$ 6500 to toss into a Tesla Powerwall (which’s a low estimate), however if you want the benefits of battery storage for your home, [Matt]’s modular” microbattery”storage system might be right up your street. With a build-as-you-go model, virtually any battery can be put on the grid in order to begin keeping power from a little solar installation or other power source.

The system works how any other battery setup would work. When need is high, a series of microinverters turn on and provide power to the grid. When need is low, the batteries get charged. The significant distinction in between this setup and a consumer-grade system is that this system is extremely modular and each module is networked together to improve the performance of the overall system. Its all tied together with a Raspberry Pi that handles the entire setup.

While all of the software application is offered toset this up, it must go without saying that dealing with mains power is dangerous, besides the fact that you’ll require inverters capable of matching stage angle with the grid, a meter that handles reverse power flow, a power company that is willing to take the power, and a number of building regulations statutes to calm. If you don’t have all that together, you may wish to go off-grid instead.

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