LEGO My Vibrant Custom-made Clock
March 24, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

[Sofia] invested a lot of time taking a look around for the perfect LEGO clock. Eventually, she understood that the ideal LEGO clock is, obviously, the one you build yourself. So if you discover yourself looking at the same old boring clock, contemplating time and the meaning of time itself, why not spend a long time making a new watch?

You most likely already had the LEGO out (no judgment here). This construct does not take a whole lot of foundation– just a microcontroller, a real-time clock module, some LED matrices to show the digits, shift signs up if they’re not currently built into the matrices, and a pair of buttons for control. [Sofia] utilized an Arduino Nano, but any microcontroller with sufficient I/O should work. Everybody requires a colorful brand-new method to shut out their time.

We like the way this clock looks, specifically the transparent panels in front of the LED panels. Offered the countless custom pieces out there from all the special sets for many years, we wager you might develop some actually fascinating builds.

If your kid is too young to tell time, try structure a kid-friendly clock to

give them segmented structure. Via r/duino

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