It’s Not An Arc Lamp, It’s A Lamp Arc
March 26, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

One would not expect there to be much to cause envy on the planet of desk lights, after all whether it’s a traditional Anglepoise or a dollar store LED affair if it does its task of casting the requisite amount of light where it’s needed, most of us are happy. But then we saw [Ronny Ziss]’s LED arc desk light, and unexpectedly all other lamps just aren’t sufficient anymore. If it’s not a wall-to-wall arc of LEDs spanning the length of the desk, it rather merely no longer makes the cut. We have actually entered the world of light envy, folks, and it’s a poorly-illuminated place to be.

As you can see in the video below the break both the hardware and the software application of this light are impressive in their own right, the structure being an aluminium extrusion carrying an addressable white LED strip suited an arc in between 2 customized plywood blocks on the walls either side of the desk. The software application is controlled through a rotary encoder, and allows command of the position, width, and brightness of the lit up portion, along with having a covert Pong video game. Unfortunately he doesn’t reveal the software or the microcontroller in concern, nevertheless the task is not an onerous one and it’s most likely most Hackaday readers might put it together using their board or processor of option.

In years of light tasks on Hackaday, we can’t discover another rather like this one. Traditional light projects can still be trendy though.

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