Inverted Kinematics Robot Arm Magna-Doodles The Time For You
March 24, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

Following a rise of creativity sustained by the existing lockdown, [Diglo]″ target=”_blank”>. writes in with his tabletop clock driven by a robotic arm drawing on a Magna Doodle tablet. And if you have one of those still lying around with some old toys and don’t mind cannibalizing it for the task, you too can follow along the source submits to build your own.

The clock works by making use of the principle that Magna Doodle tablets work by being drawn on with a magnetic stylus. That method, to draw on one of them you do not require to include a point of expression to bring the pen up and down, [Diglo] merely connected a controllable electromagnet to the end of a two-dimensional SCARA arm. In overall, the entire construct uses three stepper motors, two to control the motion of the arm, and one on the back of the tablet to sweep a magnetic bar which “erases” it.

This clock is similar to another we’ve included a few years back, which likewise used a Magna Doodle, but considerably improves on the concept. If a Magna Doodle appears too childish to build a magnetic clock nevertheless, there’s constantly ferrofluidic screens to attempt to dip your fingers into, but we actually believe you ought to see this one in action after the break first.

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