Ingenious Hacks That Brought The Initial Prince Of Persia To Life
March 24, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

For lots of 8-bit computing veterans , the original Prince of Persia video game was our very first exposure to fluid life-like animation on screen. This revolutionary technical accomplishment earned the game’s place in nostalgia and history. Ars Technica welcomed its initial developer [Jordan Mechner] to sit in front of a cam and talk through lots of technical and video game design difficulties he needed to resolve.(Video embedded listed below. Perk: proper pronunciation of Karateka straight from the creator’s mouth.)

Take pleasure in the journey back in time as [Jordan] broke down the complicated procedure behind Prince of Persia‘s rotoscope animation. Starting with VCR footage, to movie negatives, to tracing out with black markers and white correction fluid to create a high contrast recommendation suitable for the (then) advanced digitizer. However producing those frames was just the beginning! They took in bulk of an Apple II’s memory, hence combating memory restraints was a persistent headache. Thankfully for us, that constraint likewise encouraged remarkable aspects such as our “Shadow Male” modify ego.

This Prince of Persia feature is the most recent episode of Ars Technica’s “War Stories” series, welcoming individuals behind noteworthy games to speak about their work behind the scenes. The creators of Myst put a great deal of effort into reducing the impact of CD-ROM seek times, a completely theoretical endeavour as they had no CD burner for verification. The creators of Crash Bandicoot paged in game material from CD in 64kb portions as a player advanced, permitting creation of levels too big to suit a PlayStation’s memory all at once. Read over these and other brief synopsis of episodes so far or go straight to their YouTube playlist. If this talk of wrangling bits with 6502 assembly code has whet your cravings for more, the source code for Prince of Persia is available for digging into. Do not worry if you have actually long given that misplaced your Apple II (or never had one) as the code can run in an emulator.

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