Finally, A Real Set Of Gamecube Joycons
January 14, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

The Gamecube might not have offered as numerous systems as its rivals in its day, but it maintains a cult fanbase to this day. Due mainly to the Smash Bros. neighborhood, its controllers are still highly demanded. After the release of the Nintendo Change, with plenty of fan renders around the place [Shank Mods] figured someone would create a set of Joycons with Gamecube controls. After waiting almost four years, he decided rather to do it himself. The construct begins with a Wavebird controller shell, picked for its larger body, which is coincidentally the very same height as the Switch. The shell was cut down the middle, and 3D printed elements were produced to attach Joycon installing rails to the two halves of the controller. The large controller also has lots of area within, making it easy to fit all the Joycon parts inside. Compatibility was an essential goal of this build, so much attention was paid to make the Gamecube Joycons function effectively with all Switch functions. Extra buttons were added where essential, and the formerly analog triggers were modified with plugs to match the exclusively digital operation of the Switch components.

It’s a task that needed to conquer lots of hurdles, from mechanical redesigns to make whatever fit, to figuring out the arcane electrical design of the Joycon hardware. The hard work paid off nevertheless, and [Shank Mods], in addition to a couple of talented community members, was able to develop a beautiful piece of hardware. We’ve seen Gamecube-themed Joycons before, but this develop actually does take the cake. If you’ve rather customized the original Xbox controller to work with the Switch, make sure to let us understand. Video after the break.

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