DIY Ionizer Clarifies on a Spending plan
January 13, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

Have you ever had an excellent, deep breath of the air near a waterfall, or maybe after a thunderstorm? That clearly fresh odor is because of ionized air, specifically unfavorable ions, and lots of are the claims worrying their health benefits. A minor market has emerged to capitalize on the interest in ionized air, and while [Amaldev] wanted to tidy up the Mumbai air entering into his home, he didn’t wish to pay a lot for an industrial unit. So he developed his own air ionizer for just about $10.

When [Amaldev] dropped this in the Hackaday idea line, he showed that he ‘d been taking some heat for the style from Instagram followers. We imagine a reasonable variety of the complaints come from the cluster of sewing needles that bristle from one end of the PCB and are raised to 6,000 volts by a fifteen-stage Cockcroft-Walton multiplier. That makes certain to raise eyebrows, or possible the hair on one’s head if you happen to brush by the emitters. Or possibly [Amaldev]’s critics are dubious about the advantages of ionized air; certainly, some commenters on the video below seem to believe that the smoke in the closed container was not sped up by the ion stream as [Amaldev] claims, but rather in some way was settled by heat or some other trickery.

Neither of those bothers us as much as the direct 230-volt mains connection, though. We ‘d have preferred to see a minimum of a seclusion transformer in there, or possibly a battery-powered flyback circuit to provide the input to that multiplier. Still, the lesson on waterfall multipliers was welcome, and we found the smoke-clearing power of ionized air pretty fantastic.

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