BINA-VIEW: A Remarkable Mechanical Disturbance Display
April 8, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

[Fran Blanche] take down this interesting display screen in a video teardown, ingrained listed below.

These display screens can support as much as 64 characters of the purchaser’s picking which is controlled by 6 bits, remarkably just needing 128 mW per bit to control; quite power-light for its day and age. Aside from alphanumeric mixes the screen also supported “color plates” which we found rather interesting. The completely decked design would just cost you $1,206 United States dollars per system in today’s cash or 5 rolls of toilet tissue at most current street rate. Which’s just one digit.

If you dig through the files connected here, and enjoy her video you can get an idea of how this display works. There are 6 solenoids attached to rods at the rear of the device. A lamp shines through a lens onto the back of a plate assembly. Each plate is a tactically perforated grid. When the solenoids trigger the selected plates tilt interfering with a fixed grid. This triggers the light to be obstructed in some areas only.

It appears clear why this never removed. Aligning these seems like a production headache compared to things like flip display screens and Nixie tubes. Still, the characters have quite a great deal of beauty to them. We wouldn’t mind seeing a 3D printable/laser cut variation of this display type. Get working!

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