[Ben Krasnow] Rolls Old-fashioned Video Camera Out for Photolithography
March 26, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

In a time when electronic cameras have actually been minimized to microchips, it’s ironic that the old view electronic camera, with its bellows and black cloth curtained over the viewscreen for focusing, endures as an icon for photography. Such technology appears dated and without any application in the contemporary world, however as [Ben Krasnow] programs us, an old view cam is just the important things when you want to make homemade microchips. (Video, embedded below.)

Granted, the photolithography process [Ben] shows in the video listed below is quite a bit upstream from the creation of chips. However mastering the process on a larger scale is an action on the method. The concept is to produce a high-resolution photo of a pattern– [Ben] selected both a test pattern and, in a nod to the season, an Internal Revenue Service tax form– that can be used as a mask. The video camera he chose is a 4 × 5 view electronic camera, the kind with lens and movie connected by adjustable bellows. He found that modifications were required to keep the film fixed at the focal airplane, so he added a vacuum port to the movie pack to suck the film flat. Developing movie has always been wonderful, and seeing the hidden images appear on the film under the traffic signal of the darkroom really brings us back– we can almost smell the vinegary stop solution.

[Ben] likewise steps through the remainder of the photolithography procedure– spin finish glass slides with photoresist, making a contact print of the negative under UV light, establishing the print, and sputtering it with titanium. It’s an interesting procedure, and the reality that [Ben] points out both garage chip-maker [Sam Zeloof] and [Justin Atkin] from the Thought Emporium ways that three of our favorite YouTube mad scientists are collaborating. The possibilities are unlimited.

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