Another PC Power Supply Project
March 25, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

Economy of scale is a terrific thing, take the switch-mode power supply as an example. Prior to the rise of the PC, a decent multi-voltage, high existing power supply would be pretty expensive. But PCs have indicated cheap products and in some cases even totally free as you gut old PCs found in the dumpster. [OneMarcFifty] decided to make a pretty setup for a PC supply that consists of a really good color display with bargraphs and other niceties. You can see the power supply in action in the video below.

The display is a nice TFT driven by an Arduino Nano. The job uses ACS712 present sensing unit modules, which are good Hall impact gadgets that produce a direct output for present and have more than 2 KV of voltage isolation.

There are 3 existing sensing units, one for each output. Actually what makes this excellent compared to many similar projects is the really great graphical output. The GitHub has all the software application in addition to PCB layouts. Naturally, you’ll need to adjust the enclosure to your specific power supply, but it ought to be quite easy to arrange an enclosure.

With just a couple of buttons, the interface is a little cumbersome, however no more so than a great deal of other projects. You essentially only use the buttons to alter the speed, scale, and resolution of the bar graphs. The output voltages are fixed and there are no current limitations.

Another answer is to discover a greater voltage supply and mate it with an inexpensive power supply module. We have actually also seen non-PC power supplies put in a PC case.

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