Aggressive Indoor Flying Thanks To SteamVR
June 30, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

With lockdown regulations sweeping the world, lots of have discovered themselves spending completely excessive time inside with not a lot to do. [Peter Hall] is one such private, with a fondness for flying quadcopters. With the great outdoors all however rejected, he instead endeavoured to discover a way to make flying inside a more interesting experience. We ‘d state he’s been successful. The setup involves utilizing a SteamVR virtual reality tracker to keep an eye on the position of a quadcopter inside a room. This information is then passed back to the quadcopter at a high rate, providing the auto-pilot fast, accurate data upon which to perform manoeuvres. PyOpenVR is used to do the movement tracking, and in mix with MAVProxy, sends out the info over MAVLink back to the copter’s ArduPilot. While such a setup could be utilized to simply stop the copter crashing into things, [Peter] does not like to do things by half steps.

Instead, he maximized the capabilities of the system, making it possible for the copter to fly aggressively in an extremely small area. It’s an impressive setup, and one that we make sure might have further applications for those exploring using drones inside.

We’ve seen MAVLink utilized for wicked functions, too. Video after the break.

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