Active Suspension R/C Vehicle Truly Rocks
January 14, 2020 No Comments Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

When you’re a kid, remote control automobiles are completely awesome. Even if you can’t go anywhere by yourself, it’s a lot easier to picture a nice trip from the everyday grind of primary school if you have some wheels. And yeah, R/C automobiles are still amazing once you’re an adult, however real car-driving experience will most likely make you desire more realism.

What could be more realistic and fun than an active suspension? Plenty of adults will never get the possibility to strike the switches in real car, but after a year of hard work, [snoopybg] is all set to go front and back, side to side, and even wander in this super scale ’63 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 wagon. We think you’ll agree that [snoopybg] didn’t miss a detail– this thing makes engine noises, and there are LEDs in the dual exhaust pipelines to replicate flames.

An Arduino checks out information from a triple-axis accelerometer in genuine time, and adjusts a servo on each wheel appropriately, likewise in genuine time, to simulate a genuine cars and truck throwing its weight around on a real suspension system. If that weren’t cool enough, the majority of the car is printed, consisting of the tires. [snoopybg]

begun with a drift automobile chassis, but even that has actually been hacked and drilled out as required. There are a lots of nice pictures on [snoopybg]’s site if you wish to see what’s under the hood. We do not see the code anywhere, however [snoopybg] seems quite open to releasing more information if there is interest out there. Strap yourself in and hold on tight, since we’re gon na take this infant for a spin after the break.

If this is all appears a bit much for you, but you’ve got that R/C itch again, there’s a lot to be said for updating the electronic devices in a stock R/C vehicle. Via r/duino

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