iOS 14: All the New CarPlay Features
June 29, 2020 No Comments iPhone Hacks Peter Parker

CarPlay iOS 14 Features

With iOS 14, Apple has not only considerably enhanced the home screen experience on the iPhone but also made some meaningful enhancements to CarPlay. If you heavily use CarPlay while driving, you are going to appreciate the new modifications that iOS 14 will bring to it. Below are all the modifications and enhancements that iOS 14 will add to CarPlay. One of the reasons why CarPlay is so popular among iPhone users is that it easily and securely lets them access essential functions of their device while driving their lorry. Utilizing CarPlay, they can quickly respond to incoming text messages, alter the music, get instructions to where they wish to go, and more. In spite of CarPlay being very good though, it has its own set of limitations and with iOS 14, Apple is eliminating some of them while more improving it as well.

While you are at it, make certain to likewise have a look at all the new iOS 14 features for iPhone also. All the New CarPlay Features in iOS 14 Wallpaper Assistance

This may look like a small deal however CarPlay in iOS 14 will gain

background wallpaper support

. This suggests you will no longer have to take a look at the black wallpaper of CarPlay and can choose from among the 5 pre-loaded wallpapers in the first beta of iOS 14. The CarPlay wallpaper that you set will be various from the wallpaper of your iPhone as well. Disappointingly, you can not set any picture of your option as CarPlay background. Apart from setting a solid dark or white background

, Apple has bundled five wallpapers for CarPlay in iOS 14 that can change look based upon the dark/light style. Support for New Categories of Apps Apple has actually constantly supported only a restricted sort of apps for CarPlay. With iOS 14, it is including support for brand-newclassifications of apps in CarPlay to keep up with the times. This includes apps that can show EV charging stations, parking apps, food shipment apps, and more. Siri Improvements Siri is getting smarter as a part of the iOS 14 upgrade which indicates that the experience of utilizing the digital assistant in CarPlay is likewise going to improve. You will be able to use Siri in CarPlay to send audio messages to your family and friends and also share ETAs with them. While it is currently possible to send out text messages using Siri in CarPlay, the addition of audio messages is brand-new and might be useful for numerous particularly since the digital assistant tends to have a hard time to understand non-American accents.

Horizontal Status Bar

Users who have a cars and truck with a picture display will now get an alternative in CarPlay in iOS 14 to move the status bar to the bottom of the screen for a much better design and broader app view.

Assistance for Chinese and Japanese Keyboards

CarPlay in iOS 14 will support Chinese and Japanese keyboards consequently permitting users to easily search for their sight in navigation apps.

Enhanced Messaging and VoIP Apps

Thanks to API improvements in iOS 14, all existing audio, messaging, and VoIP apps will also be able to offer a much better CarPlay experience. All messaging and VoIP apps will be able to reveal a list of the previous conversations and contacts, while audio apps will have the ability to reveal album art within lists.


Ok, this is not truly a CarPlay feature however it is absolutely related to it. Apple is going to let you use your iPhone as the key for your car. Using CarKey, you will have the ability to open your automobile using your iPhone, and after that when you put the phone on the cordless battery charger inside the cabin, you will have the ability to begin the automobile by pushing the Ignition button.

This function will be offered on iPhones with a U1 chip indicating the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 series of gadgets are going to be supported. While this feature will exist in iOS 14, Apple is also going to bring it to iOS 13 with a future software update. It goes without saying that you need to have a cars and truck that will likewise support CarKey.

You can at least experience some of the brand-new CarPlay features right away by setting up the iOS 14 beta on your iPhone.

What do you think of these improvements to CarPlay in iOS 14? Do you believe there are other improvements that Apple needs to make to CarPlay? Drop a comment and let us know!

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