How to Use iPad as External Show with Mac Utilizing Sidecar
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Use iPad as External Display with Mac using Sidecar

Depending upon your usage case, an iPad is actually an excellent device to have for content intake or for working on the go. Nevertheless, an iPad is also a great device to utilize as a secondary screen for your Mac, particularly when traveling. This may not seem like a huge offer but once you begin using an iPad as a secondary display screen for your Mac, there’s no going back. While there have been a lot of third-party options that permit one to utilize their iPad or iPad Pro as an external display screen, they are a little complex and require the iPad and Mac to have a wired connection.

With macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13, Apple has made the entire procedure of using your iPad as an external display screen with your Mac extremely easy. It calls this function Sidecar and it works wirelessly which makes it exceptionally convenient, though you can combine the device over a wired connection too. The procedure is so straightforward that if your Mac and iPad satisfy all the requirements, you can use your iPad as an external display screen in simply 2 simple clicks!

Sidecar Suitable iPads and Macs

To use your iPad as an external display screen with your Mac, you should have the following iPads:

  • All iPad Pro models
  • iPad 6th gen
  • iPad mini
  • iPad Air 3

Apart from a suitable iPad, you likewise require to own a compatible Mac:

  • MacBook Pro, 2016 or more recent
  • MacBook, 2016 or newer
  • MacBook Air, 2018 or later
  • iMac, 2017 or more recent
  • Retina iMac 5K, 2015 or newer
  • Mac mini, 2018 or later
  • Mac Pro, 2019 or later

Utilizing iPad as External Display with Mac: Things to Know

  • If you wish to utilize your iPad as an external display screen with your Mac wirelessly, you need to ensure they are on the same Wi-Fi connection and within 30ft of each other.
  • The very same iCloud account should be utilized on both gadgets.
  • You can connect your iPad by means of USB with your Mac also. Simply make certain to rely on the Mac on your iPad for the feature to work.

How to Use iPad as External Display Utilizing Sidecar With Your Mac

Action 1: If the iPad and the Mac are on the exact same Wi-Fi network and within 10 meters of each other, you will immediately see an AirPlay icon in the menu bar of your Mac on the top-right.

Step 2: Click it and from the Connect To sub-menu, choose your iPad. The AirPlay icon will turn blue in the menu bar showing that your iPad is now working as a secondary display screen.

Using iPad as External Display with Mac

If your iPad is not compatible or if there is any network problem, your device may not show up. In such a situation, you can attempt restarting your iPad or guarantee that there is no network conflict.

You can find more Sidecar related choices under System Preferences -> > Sidecar

Mac iPad Sidecar

. Step 3: By default, your iPad’s screen will serve as a secondary display for your Mac. You can move windows to it and use it

much like any otherexternal display screen. Step 4: If you desire, you can also mirror your Mac’s display screen to your iPad. Click on the AirPlay icon in the menu bar and pick the matching alternative. You will also find the alternative of revealing Sidecar and Touchbar associated options on the iPad’s screen.

The good thing about Sidecar is that you have access to all gestures of the iPad in this mode too. This includes the capability to scroll by swiping with two fingers, copy by pinching in

with 3 fingers, etc. Utilizing Apple Pencil with iPad As External Show

The advantage about using the iPad as an external display screen with Sidecar is that you can use the Apple Pencil for chosen jobs like drawing, editing images, manipulating documents and pictures, and more.

So, if you utilize Photoshop or any other image-editing app extensively, you can move the app to the iPad and after that utilize the Apple Pencil for editing it.

You can also utilize all the routine apps on your iPad while it remains in Sidecar mode. You will clearly have to leave the Sidecar mode but once you are done utilizing that app, you can jump right back into Sidecar by tapping its faster way on the home screen. This faster way just appears when the Sidecar mode is triggered.

As I pointed out in the past, while the ability to utilize an iPad as an external screen with a Mac has existed long before iPadOS and macOS Catalina, it is how Apple has actually performed the Sidecar function that will make this usage case go mainstream.

Have you ever utilized your iPad as an external screen with your Mac using? If so, how was your experience? Drop a remark listed below and let us understand!

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