EEC Filing Mean 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard
January 13, 2020 No Comments iPhone Hacks Peter Parker

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Yet another MacBook has actually appeared on the Eurasian Economic Commissions database. The unreleased MacBook Pro is anticipated to come with a 13-inch screen alongside the new Magic Keyboard. The brand-new MacBook bears design number A2289 and Apple explains it as a “portable personal computer” that runs macOS 10.15. Likewise worth noting is that the file was filled in late December in 2015. That being said, we are unsure whether the device in concern is a MacBook Pro or simply a MacBook.

After a series of reports and leakages, Apple finally launched 16-inch MacBook Pro late last year. The latest MacBook Pro includes a somewhat larger 16-inch display screen and is a huge upgrade in pretty much every sense. It likewise sports some design modifications, for example, the bezels surrounding the screen are shrunk. Most significantly Apple has managed to fit in a bigger display without increasing the total footprint of the machine. The 16-inch MacBook Pro debuted with the much-rumored Magic Keyboard with

scissor keys. Ming Kuo had anticipated that all 2020 MacBooks will come with Magic Keyboard. By this logic, the unreleased MacBook on the Eurasian database is likely tocome with a scissor-switch keyboard. Also, we are not exactly sure whether the new 13-inch MacBook will change the continuous design or if it will be used as a brand-new variant. EEC filings have been a telltale sign of upcoming Apple gadgets. Normally, the EEC fillings are done months prior to the release date. In all likelihood, Apple might release the new MacBook in the second half of this year. I personally feel that note pads with a 13-inch display screen hit the sweet spot. They are neither too large to manage nor too little to present an inconvenience. [by means of 9to5 Mac]

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