Apple Releases Short Chinese Movie Shot on iPhone 11 to Celebrate Chinese Brand-new Year
January 12, 2020 No Comments iPhone Hacks Peter Parker

Ahead of the Chinese New Year later on this month, Apple has launched a brief film entitled” Child”shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro to commemorate the celebration. The video stars leading actress Zhou Xin and has been directed by Theodore Melfi. The video has been launched under Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ marketing campaign. The company has actually been releasing Chinese short movies shot on the iPhone every year before the Chinese New Year.

A film about three generations of Chinese ladies coming together at Chinese Brand-new Year. Shot on iPhone 11 Pro. Directed by Theodore Melfi. Cinematography by Lawrence Sher. Starring Zhou Xun, China’s leading actress. It is important to keep in mind that while the whole film has been shot utilizing the iPhone 11 Pro, the production group used a number of other expert devices and tools for the whole procedure. Apple has also released a video revealing the behind the scenes and the making of the movie.

The Chinese New Year will be a crucial time for Apple as it expects to offer a truckload of iPhones then. After having a hard time for nearly the entirety of 2019, the business has managed to find success with its iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro lineup in China. The iPhone 11 is especially doing very well in China and has seen the business register double-digit development in iPhone sales.

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