App Shop’s Worldwide Downloads Development of 2.7% in 2019 Still Tracking Google’s Play Store Development
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Sensor Tower, a market research firm that monitors mobile application downloads throughout the globe, has launched a brand-new report exposing a ton of fascinating elements relating to the variety of app downloads through Apple’s App Shop and Google’s Play Store for 2019.

According to Sensing Unit Tower, the overall number of app downloads through the App Store in 2019 stands at 30.6 billion. That is an obvious 2.7% development over the 29.8 billion app download figure of the platform in 2015. Although, in 2018, the App Shop had actually seen a 6.7% development over that in 2017.

Google Play’s app download figure is a lot more excellent. The agency reports that the total variety of app downloads through the platform is at a staggering 84.3 billion– practically thrice than that of App Shop– and an 11.7% development over the platform’s 75.5 billion download figure for 2018.

Integrating the total variety of apps downloaded from App Store and Google Play, the figure pertains to 114.9 billion– a 9% development over 2018’s 105 billion app downloads through both the platforms. Although the growth rate is slowing down– it was at 11.1% from 2017 to 2018.

Proceeding to the top apps, WhatsApp was the most downloaded application in 2019 with almost 900 million downloads. TikTok is in second location– more than 700 million downloads. Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram are at 3rd, fourth, and fifth positions, respectively.

Top apps on App Store and Google Play

Coming to the top video games, PUBG Mobile was the most download video game, as anticipated, with over 250 million downloads. PUBG’s direct rival, Call of Responsibility: Mobile, remains in the sixth position. That being said, it is spreading like wildfire. I make sure it will surpass PUBG Mobile by the end of 2020.

Top games on App Store and Google Play

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