Category: Smart Home

Category: Smart Home

$200 Smart Home & Everything You Can Do With It
January 25, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Today I’m going to show you how to build a smart home for $200. I’ll even take it a step further with specific automation ideas and show you how to set everything up with Alexa routines. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your smart home on a low budget, this video should

Best CES 2020 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets
January 12, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Wow…CES 2020 was incredible! I searched high and low for the very coolest stuff at CES and it’s all here in one video. I’ll show you the best smart home tech, plus other gadgets I found. Some of these brands are huge like Samsung, while others are brand new. Buckle down, we’re moving fast today!

Back to the Future 2 vs My Smart Home
January 6, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Can my smart home do more than the McFly’s? Today I’ll show you several automations and products around my house to make my tech on par with Back to the Future 2. Article with how to set up everything in this video: LINKS (affiliate): Utech fingerprint door lock with bridge: Lock without bridge:

Juno is a countertop device that cools your bottle of wine in minutes, literally
Image January 5, 2020 Smart Home,Tech Life Lisa Lawson

Ever need a glass of red wine so terribly that you really can not wait on the bottle to chill in the refrigerator? At CES 2020, we discovered something that might effectively solve this first-world issue, and it’s called Juno.At initially glance, you most likely can’t tell this thing is really a countertop device that

15 deals on home security cameras that can help keep you safe
Image December 30, 2019 Smart Home,Tech Life Lisa Lawson

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Keep an eye out. Image: blurams By StackCommerceMashable Shopping2019-12-29 10:00:00 UTC Home security cameras don’t only exist to record your late-night drunken shenanigans or alert you when your Amazon package is finally waiting for you at the door.

The Smart Home Gains A Bonus Dimension
December 30, 2019 Smart Home,Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

With an ever-growing series of smart-home items offered, all with their own hubs, procedures, and APIs, we see a lot of Do It Yourself jobs (and commercial offerings too) which intend to supply a “single universal user interface” to different gadgets and services. Normally, these jobs enable you to control your house utilizing a list

Hidden Costs of a Smart Home (how much I spend)
December 23, 2019 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Find out the hidden costs that come with a smart home! Adding up how much I spend to maintain my smart home, I’ll walk you through how much everything costs me each year. I will also share some tips that have helped me integrate my smart home with my family. FULL article listing everything in

Smart Home with NO Internet or Power… Will I Survive?
December 22, 2019 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

One of the most common questions I hear is “how will your smart home work if the internet goes out?” I tested out what works with no internet in my home, and the results surprised me. I’ll share a few tips about what to look out for in smart lights and hubs when it comes

Best Skills & Commands for Playing Music with Alexa
December 14, 2019 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Play music on your Alexa devices like a pro! These tips will make playing music through your Echo Dot a breeze. Whether you want to know Alexa music commands, how to display lyrics, or how to automate your music with routines, we cover everything you need to know about playing music on Alexa in this

Echo Flex Review and Where to Use It
December 9, 2019 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Let’s test the Echo Flex’s microphones, speaker, and motion sensor and compare with other options. The Flex doesn’t use any counter space, so you can install it anywhere. I’ll share some ideas for where you could put the Echo Flex and its motion sensor around your house. LINKS (affiliate): Echo Flex with Motion Sensor: