Category: Smart Home

Category: Smart Home

Alexa Blueprints Make Your Smart Home Easy to Use
June 20, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Alexa Blueprints are a great tool for creating custom responses, making your Echo devices smarter. In this video, I’ll skip over the gimmicky options and show you practical uses for Alexa Blueprints in your smart home. I will also talk about custom coding Alexa skills, and what Google Assistant offers. LINKS (affiliate): Echo Dot 3rd

Smart Home Fulfills Dumb Terminal
Image June 7, 2020 Smart Home,Tech Hacks Jimmy Jones

The majority of smart house products are designed to be managed from a mobile phone, that makes sense because that’s what the typical customer spends the majority of their day poking around on nowadays. However you aren’t the average customer, are you? If you’re looking for a rather more tactile experience, then why not put

Light Strips in 6 Unexpected Places
June 6, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Light strips help take your home to the next level. I’ll show you some unexpected spots for light strips that can brighten your home. I will also show how I used light strip channel systems to really improve my setup. Whether you are just getting started or already have LEDs everywhere, this video will give

Roborock S6 Pure: the Sweet Spot of Price + Features
May 30, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Where does the Roborock S6 Pure fit in? This video will go over its upgrades, and what it’s missing to keep the price lower. I’ll also compare some of the differences between the Roborock S6 Pure vs S5, S5 Max, and S6. These vacuums are all similar, but their subtle differences are important to know

Fixing Home Automations so your Family is NOT Annoyed
May 16, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

As I’ve grown my smart home over the years, a few automations didn’t work for my family in real life. In this video, I’ll improve several automations to make them pass the “wife test.” Several of these ideas could make your smart home run more smoothly, too! To read more about how I set everything

Ultimate Video Doorbell Comparison: Finding the Best
May 9, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

With more video doorbell options than ever, it’s time to have a showdown and find the best. I tested 6 popular smart doorbells and I’ll show you how each one held up to my testing. I’ll go over the video quality, latency, no subscription recording options, and everything you need to know. To read my

Is Philips Hue Relevant in 2020? – What Paul Hibbert Won’t Tell You
April 25, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

With all of the inexpensive smart bulbs out there, you might be wondering if Philips Hue is really worth it. In this video, I talk about why people ARE still buying Hue to help you figure out if it’s the best choice for you. Watch Paul Hibbert’s response video here: He talks about why

Wyze Band Review: Too Much Too Soon
April 22, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

The new Wyze Band is an ultra-affordable smart watch. But at just $25, how well does it actually work? I tested out its features to help you decide if the Wyze Band is ready for prime time. Wyze has been cranking out quite a few products lately, so I’ll also talk about why that may

How to Set Up Hue Sync Box so it’s NOT Distracting
April 18, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Changing your lights with your TV makes an immersive viewing experience… or it can be way too distracting. I’ll show you my review of the Hue Sync Box and tell you all of the best settings for making the flashing lights not too distracting. If you set it up right, it can make your gaming

Disney Smart House vs My Modern Smart Home
April 11, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Disney’s Smart House movie came out in 1999, but how does it compare to my modern smart home? Time to have a showdown between PAT and Alexa. You might be surprised by how many automations I can re-create in my smart home. This movie gave me some awesome ideas for taking my home to the