Category: Smart Home

Category: Smart Home

8 Smart Home Ideas to Survive Working From Home
March 25, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

If you’re working from home like I am, you probably realize that it comes with a few distractions and challenges. In this video, I will show you smart office ideas to make working from home more comfortable. Everything in this video uses affordable smart home tech and is fairly simple to set up. Here are

Lutron Caseta Review and 2020 Updates
March 14, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Is Lutron Caseta still worth it? Lutron is known as some of the best smart light switches, but they are definitely expensive. I will talk about why you might want Lutron in 2020 (or maybe not) to help you decide. There are also a few new Lutron controllers I will talk about, like a motion

10 BEST Smart Light Strips on Amazon Compared
March 8, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Looking for the best smart light strips? I tested 10 of the best-selling smart LED strips on Amazon to find out for myself. I used the Luma wave to measure the brightness of the white and color lights to be as accurate as possible. This video will give you everything you need to know so

Wyze Lock + Keypad Review: cheap, but can you trust it?
February 28, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

The Wyze Lock has officially launched! I’m reviewing it with its add-on keypad to see if it’s a good smart lock option. Wyze Lock can auto-lock/unlock and detect if the door is open or closed. I’ll show you how well these features worked for me. Trusting a company with your front door security is a

Eufy 2K Battery Doorbell with NO Subscriptions – too good to be true?
February 22, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Eufy’s new battery doorbell has some BIG benefits over Ring. There is a lot to like about this doorbell, but there are a few negatives you will want to know about as well. The original Eufy wired doorbell’s 5-star Amazon reviews show it’s a good option for monitoring without subscription fees. I will test if

10 Google Home Features You May Not Know— vs Alexa
February 12, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Are you getting the most out of your Google Home? This video will show you several surprising features, including a few newer ones, that might help you manage your smart home easier. For each category, we’ll also look at how Alexa compares to see how the assistants stack up. LINKS (affiliate): Google Nest Mini:

Smart Home Hub or Nah? When and How to Use a Hub
February 1, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

When do you need a smart home hub and what’s the best way to use one? I’ll explain why a hub will help you level up your smart home. There are some automations you can do with voice assistants and IFTTT, but a hub will help you dial everything in. If you already have a

$200 Smart Home & Everything You Can Do With It
January 25, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Today I’m going to show you how to build a smart home for $200. I’ll even take it a step further with specific automation ideas and show you how to set everything up with Alexa routines. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your smart home on a low budget, this video should

Best CES 2020 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets
January 12, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Wow…CES 2020 was incredible! I searched high and low for the very coolest stuff at CES and it’s all here in one video. I’ll show you the best smart home tech, plus other gadgets I found. Some of these brands are huge like Samsung, while others are brand new. Buckle down, we’re moving fast today!

Back to the Future 2 vs My Smart Home
January 6, 2020 Smart Home Lisa Lawson

Can my smart home do more than the McFly’s? Today I’ll show you several automations and products around my house to make my tech on par with Back to the Future 2. Article with how to set up everything in this video: LINKS (affiliate): Utech fingerprint door lock with bridge: Lock without bridge: